Is it Wake Up Mr. West or Wake Up World??

There use to be this guy we all use to know. Came up on the southside of Chicago. Changed hip hop from simple boom clap hearings to soulful music. He made just about every urban kid trade in their jersey for a polo (Ralph Lauren to be exact). This guy showed the world how to American Express themselves. When Jay-Z almost turned into just another artist, this guy produced the album that made Hov a living legend. Dude mite be the reason you can't "wait til you get your money right". When bama's were in the mall purchasing size 38 jeans when they wore a 34, son taught them how to rock their shit the fresh way. Fellas, when your girl is in your ear about money because she doesn't understand the dream, the homie made it easy to say, "baby I'm going on a air plane and I dont know if I'll be back agane" (and that last word isn't mispelled, he really said agane). Remember Kanye West?

Now I admit, Kanye is on some other ish. The new hair, auto-tune singles instead of raw beats with the ill ass verses, Louis Vutton lows over the retro Jordan raptor 7s, and 808s and Heartbreak rather than Good Ass Job. The world is effin confused, but it shouldn't be.

Kanye is doing what artists has done for years...staying ahead of the curve. Instead of making music different for music, Kanye made it different for himself and music. He's doing what a lot of artists out want to do but don't have the courage to pull it off.

If you look at the albums he's put out, each one is ahead of its time. The concepts and messages are so dope that even when it's not suppose to be relevant, it is. And being that 808s and Heartbreak is more of personal music than it is people music, at the end of the day its still...people music.

See the world is afraid of what it doesn't understand. When Reasonable Doubt debuted, it didn't too well because people didn't understand what that lifestyle was about. Now it's damn near the most popular hip hop album mentioned.

I vouch for Kanye, because he's not letting himself fall into the common setting of a rapper. When artist were dropping lines in huge tees and tims, he said, "I'm going to throw on this pink polo, slide on these slippers, and spit just as hard as these niggas". Rappers were sampling the same soulful records from back in the day, and Kanye was mixing it up with the likes of Coldplay, Daft Punk, or Elvis Presley.

There has to be a point in your life when you have to step outside yourself and look at what someone else is trying to do. Kanye lost his mom, him and his fiancee' broke up, and no telling what else went on with dude personally.

So when he's onstage performing songs like Welcome to Heartbreak, Love Lockdown, Robocop, Coldest Winter, and Heartless. And he's doing it wearing something you might only find over seas. Don't knock him because you don't rock wit it, accept the fact that he's doing something for himself and something for the culture. Its not wrong that he's not driving in the same lane as the rest, but it is wrong for people to hate, knock, or disaprove of what he's trying to do.


Just in Case You Forgot!!!

With this blog thing, a lot of people try to keep you guys with what is coming out or whatever. Today I decided to take things back.

So I'm in my dorm room loafin on the computer, and I decide to go to America's favorite website...Youtube. I was looking up rap battles, and I came across Loaded Lux against Murda Mook, Jin against Serious Jones, and Cassidy against Freeway (PUT ON BEAT!!!). Then I came across this. Probably the most talked about video on youtube a couple years ago. If there is anyone who forgot or hasn't seen this video...enjoy


Real Scene From Notorious Film

This is a pic from the Notorious film that dropped last week. It's the scene where Christopher (not B.I.G. yet), battled this guy in the neighborhood. I wish I had the video from the film, but this one is so mucher better.

I'm Excited About Obama, but Hov Boosted Me With These Four Bars!!!

DC was wild crazy this past week. Celebs running all around town partying and all, but everyone seemed be crowded infront of Jeezy with the homie Jay-Z onstage with him. I can't describe how I feel when I see the youth and their role models come together to be apart of history. Even if the next ten Presidents are African-American, no one will be Barrack Obama. Jeezy and Hov made that very clear.

'my president is black but his house is all white'



Dope Penny Sole Cover

Sole finally stopped faking and showed Anfernee some love. This is the online cover. Peep the 1/2's to the left of the cover. It's about time Lil' Penny got his own shoe. Also, peep Wale explain Penny's influence on him growing up. Go cop, it's on shelves now.

Vintage Lupe Fiasco

We all know the homie Lu is one of the dopest lyricst out right now, but his verses on an old track called "Failure" set him apart from a lot of artist trying to do it on a lyrical level. Check it out


For Those Lackng Vocabulary

Came across this in a magazine. Its kind of funny. writerhymes.com is a website that helps you write poetry or raps(i guess) through finding words that rhyme with the last word in your bar or stanza. Check it out if you get a chance

Truth in The Dark Knight

Wifey got me The Dark Knight for Christmas. Before the DVD dropped I seen it about four times. I guess all the action took away from the morals hidden in the movie. I was watching it last night, and this scene really stood out to me. The Joker dropped some real shit...

Carrie Munden

She's weird, but thoughtfully fresh. Carri Munden is a designer out of London. Her clothing line Cassette Playa is seeing a lot of success. The line is based off of psychedelia, skate graphics, computer games, tribal art, 90's hip-hop, and cartoons.

If you're not concerned with what people think about you or your attire(and you shouldn't), Cassette Player is a good look!