Part 2s

Since Maybach Music II dropped, I took some time sit back and think about some of my favorite songs, and maybe you all's, that I would like to see have a sequel. So here goes my list along with some themes.

Grammy Family
*Kanye and Cons did a great job, but with Common proving his growth as a artist, a second go would be extremely dope

Full Effect
*Many might not remember this track from Freeway and Young Gunz off Free's first album, but with Young Chris hitting the scene hard and Beans out, maybe a second effort can emerge that gutta Philly shit we all loved and still have love for

The Cool
*This one is a bit far being that Lupe Fiasco already had The Coolest and a album titled "the Cool", but I would like to Michael brought back from the dead again and confront the Streets and the Game. No chorus (well maybe, the chorus is actually dope), but all out story telling. Shit would be too ill. Don't you agree? The song would have to be 10mins long, and being on repeat 6 times would be the dopest hour.

A Milli
*Yes, this song has been remixed numerous times, but I would like to hear the beat chopped a little and see Wayne attack it on some super duper lyrical ish.

One Love
*The imagery in this song was so ill, I got OD excited when I saw the Shorty Doo Wop scene in Belly. I could really see Jerome's niece getting shot in the dome piece while walking from the beach. I think Nas should knock out another one being that the times are a lot more crazier now. Perhaps a older Shorty Doo Wop??

I'm Not You
*The Clipse along with Jada, Styles, and Rosco P. Coldchain was one of the first tracks that seperated rappers. Each verse, besides Coldchain's, sort of delivered a different message as to what type of rapper each person was. I think since the Clipse is pretty much respected by everyone in the game, a sequel with each type of artist in hip hop now would be dope. I know I'm pushing it, but I would like to see Wale, Lupe, and Jadakiss again on the track.

Da Rockwilder
*I love this song, I want the same beat, just a new and more raw Red and Meth...pause

Artistic Integrity
*Rumored to happen, but I would like to see Wale prove critics wrong with pure thought and talent. I know he won't let me or the DMV down

I know there are a lot more songs that I could have listed, but these songs have been on my sequel list for a while. If you have any, please comment.

The Fake Jordan Swindle

Came across this today. I know there are people out there who can't afford the real thing, but I still have a HUGE ammount of dislike for anything not authentic. There's a couple real jams in here, but just take a look at the rest...smh.


Cody Harris

Cody Harris is a 21-year old out of Jamestown, California. He's responsible for some sneakers that are in demand, but won't drop due to them being photo shopped. His vision for some of these sneakers are OD. Nike needs to put him on ftw!!!

We got the eggplant foams already (I would love to have the white Nike check on mine), and the Columbia's are rumored to be releasing in May. Pearl 1/2 Cents would be slam.

J. Cole, Colin Munroe, and Wale w/UCB April 9th, at the National Recap

SHHO and ATE Clothing sponsered Wale's ADD Tour this past Thursday, and I must say that I was highly impressed. The show featured J. Cole, Colin Munroe, and of course Wale w/ UCB.

I got a chance to do interviews with J. Cole and UCB's Juice bka Slump. SHHO held me down with VIP and a backstage pass. VIP wasn't too poppin, so I chilled backstage and front row recording footage. Now on to details...

Wale did his thing as usaul. Having UCB play his songs live and Tre singing on the hooks emerges a crazy show. I don't think I would've stayed if it was just him and a DJ on stage for the amount of time he slammed out. I got a chance to meet some of the people from realmangjuice.com (King, Ravi, and Jay Promo whud up!!!). I found it extremely dope that Wale and UCB took the crowd back to old school Go-Go, and Slump made a serious statement with his solo.

J. Cole had a short set, but his flow and delivery had the crowd's attention. Roc Nation is a good place for him. I think dude has crazy potential. Shout outs to his team too, the passed on some advice that was helpful.

Colin Munroe shocked me the most out of all the performers. I never heard of him before, so I wasn't really looking to see him perform. Son is talented though. He played the drums and keyboard while he sang. Like Cole, his set was short, but it was felt.

All in all, it was a great show. Below are videos of Slump and Colin. Yall should check the two out after these...