The Best Part of my New York Trip

This pic is old, but I went to New York a couple weeks ago. It was the worst trip I've ever been on since the D.C. Opera in 4th grade. This meal was the highlight of my day though. Don't even know the name of the spot...it was dope though

The Thought

I was at work the other day, and a older co worker and I started to have this real nice conversation about dreams and goals. I'm not too big with sharing personal business and all so for most of the conversation I was just trying to hint to where she was trying to go. Then she asked me for a moment to stop being guarded and tell her what my goals were.

So I told her my top three goals or whatever, and after telling her I explained to her how bad and how hard I'm going to work to get those. Then the conversation went on a turn.

She asked me if I was going to work hard on all of this, how was I going to be in love? I didn't discuss my love life with her, because I felt like I didn't know her well enough to let her in on all that. Then she said something that caught my attention. She told me this, "You're going to be alone even with you're with somebody because you have these dreams thats going to satisfy you more than she can. And when you reach those goals you're still going to be lonely because you gonna want to flirt with the possibility of being the best".

I didn't agree or disagree, and to this day I'm still wondering how I feel about it. I thought it was a dope read though. What you think?

Bape Oxford Button Down

The homie King Carter over at Real Mango Juice put me on. In his words, and I agree, these are CLASSIC!

Air Jordan 12 retro "Flu Game"

Got word of these around March when the homie DJ Rayvon sat in at a Brand Jordan sneaker showing at DTLR in richmond. They changed it up a bit from what Ray told me, but these will due.

The Game and His Asian Michael Jackson


The Color Purple

Seems like the purple thing really took off the past couple years with the release of some sneakers that were really wanted. After they all dropped (damn eggplant foams was the hype), I realized that purple amongst these new sneaker guys was the new black. I went to the mall with a friend last week, and all I saw was purple Tee's and eggplant. I'm not knocking anybody's style...but I refuse to fit in. So, peace the purple sneaks for a while.



These are set to be released in Feb. of next year. I wonder how much hype is going to be placed on these.