Please Purchase!!!!!!

The proceeds from these go to fighting against cancer. A close friend of mine passed to cancer (CHAVIS WHUDDUPPPP MAINEE!!!!), so I've been wearing one ever since. Haven't missed a day. They only cost a dollar, the same amount underneath the pillows on your couch. Cop a few and help out!!!

"My Dreams Stressin"

I usually don't get too emotional when I write songs, or come up with concepts or whatever. The other night, I was going through the songs for my mix tape (Enviormental Motion Picture), and I came across Lupe's Day Dreaming instrumental on my laptop. The chorus went through, the beat dropped, and out of no where I just said,"my dreams stressin' cause my future is a question". I found myself upset because sometimes I really don't know where I'm going to be in the future. I see where I want to be, but reality seems to see more than I do.

I don't mean to get too dramatic and all, but I know I'm not the only human being that feels and lives what that line is saying.

We Got OG's, They Got Old Sneakers

Bow. No disrespect, but CDP Jordans aren't OGs.



Can't really go into too much detail now. But the logo should say enough.

YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to President Elect Barack Obama, and congrats to the people!!!!



There has been a lot of hype about the foamposite nike boots. The homie Wale had them months ago, and people been crazy ever since. The other day while I was at work (FootLocker), this kid came in and asked when we were going to drop them. When he asked for them, I guess my dislike for the boot was expressed on my face, because dude asked to speak to someone who liked them.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think the concept behind the boot is kind of hot. But, how can you take the Foamposite 1s and turn them into a boot? I could be off my bama shit now, but look at the history of the shoe. I mean, Booga pulled the Lincoln championship article out of his pair. And before the knee injury, Penny was that dude. Every kid in the neighborhood to every teen in the high school hallways wanted to rock what Penny had on his feet. I'm sure a lot of those individuals never rocked the Penny foams being that they were the first shoe to sell for over $150...they were $180 to be exact.
I went back to speak to the young guy, and he just thought that the Foams without the nike check was a new thing. I caught myself getting upset a little, but I couldn't because the generations are so different. I'm glad I came up in the time that I did, because a lot of these young guys think most of this stuff is new. The term OG doesn't mean anything to them. No disrespect to nobody out there, but you guys should do some reading.
So to lil' homie who can't wait for the Foam boots to drop, if you like them...I love them. But know where they originated from.
Also, I'm sure everyone knows about the 11/12 package dropping on Dec 26. People ask me about the package all the time. I always hear this though,"I need those XI's in my life!" The bred colorway is extremely dope, but please people, don't forget about the concords. Like the Foamposite 1s...THEY'RE A CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I know you guys are like, "this guy only posts videos on his blog". That isn't true, but if it's what I'm feeling and I think someone needs to see it, I'ma (that needs to be in Microsoft Word) post it.

XXL has a new magazine going on stands tomorrow, and it features their opinion of the new stage of hip hip with 10 artist. B.OB, Mickey Facts, Asher Roth, Blu, Kid Cudi, Curren$y, Corey Gunz, Ace Hood, Charles Hamilton, and the homie Wale. Each artist was given a seminar to spit a 16 or a verse to show the people what the hype is all about. Almost every artist did their thing, but this nigga Corey Gunz killed it. Lyriclly, delivery wise, and swag wise (hate that word). I have nothing else to say, check it out.

Bi Racial Hair

A friend of mine hit me up on facebook not too long ago and said she seen this poem. She told me it was the best poem she ever heard. I have my favorites, but this one really sticks out. Youngin killed it up there. check it out the Noise!!!!