Bring Em Back

This summer while interning at Stussy DC, myself and a couple of the homies that work on the block had a dope conversation about the new quality of sneakers versus the old quality. It would take me 3 websites and close to forever to point out every opinion about this subject (mainly older Jordans over the CDP's and new models). All in all, we need the old thing back.


Noisey Neighbor...Peace and Much Love to Ya!!!

Please Play while reading...


I'm sad to say that this is my last post under Noisey Neighbor. In the past couple months I have been tackling myself to bring forth a new site that allows me to be free with everything that I want to do. Blogging here has been extremely fun, but I can't really set out and display my creativity like I want to. There fore, I am leaving this site and starting all over. My new site, which will be up shortly, will be heavily influenced by art, music, new emerging cultures, fashion, sports, and life.

I feel like this is what it's all about you know? Going out and starting off fresh. For all those that follow the blog, I promise to bring you something 1000x better. There will be less opinion stated posts and more open minded links to stuff out there that we all enjoy. The site will be managed by me and ran by you.

I can remember sitting on my Moms couch during the fall and starting the site. I had this huge vision of a site that everyone will love and have on their blog roll, lol. I think I was just so excited to start a blog that I didn't think about bringing out my creative side and expressing myself or those I represent in a proper manor. A lot of the stuff posted were forced and not well thought about. I don't regret anything I ever posted, but there were tons of stuff that were posted just so I could have a post. The new site will not ran that way.

I know you're probably thinking I'm taking this blog thing to serious, but being from the part of VA that I'n from, no one is really open minded to new things out there, because no one is there to bring the information. That was my intentions when I first started this blog, and I will thoroughly carry that same tradition onto the new one. Hopefully I can influence people outside of VA or the DMV area, and get views from people outside of the area.

I would like to thank everyone who kept up with the site and those that didn't. Much love to Ray over at rbj-mag.com. Dizzy. Ravi, Adrian, Dan, and the rest of the realmangojuice.com staff I got to know pretty well. Much Much Much love to Samantha. The homie Jerome B3. My brother Ferg. Yung Cuppa for always viewing the blog and spreading the word. My sisters for always saying it was "cute"...lol. Basicly I want to thank everybody who influenced me to go out and explore shit for the new site. You all opened my eyes to new ideas.

I'm not too good with goodbye's and all, so this is my last words on this site........

Peace and Love...New Site Coming soon!!!!



Two Funny Videos

Dope Pic From the Homie Lady Glock

If you're ever in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area and need photos of a event, Lady Glock is pretty dope.

Supreme/Hanes Collaboration Fall & Winter


Nike Air Barcelona

These are pretty dope. Influenced by the Nike Air Ballistic Force High worn by David Robinson in the 1992 summer olympics in Barcelona.

Bape/Modernica Side Chair


White Girls

The word Becky has been in full effect lately. Had a interesting conversation with some of my friends today. I'm not going to put it out here, but this video can sort of give you the picture. SN: I do not nor do I mean to disrespect anyone of the caucasian race.

My New Loves...Blackberry Bold and Mac Book

Picked these up after a hard hard hard working summer. Both of them are extremely helpful with the plans I have lined up. Call me a hypebeast...O well

Stussy New York Grand Opening

Stussy New York re-opened recently and added a lot of artistic features to the shop. Blow up works from past collabos have been included in the shop as well as a new wood paint job.

The store will be open on Monday-Thursday from 11am to 7pm, Friday and Saturday 11am to 7:30pm, and Sunday Noon to 6pm.

If you're ever in New York, stop by

The Male Pieces Horoscope Reality

Came across this while clicking on a blog link. When I clicked it, it went directly to my description. I don't believe in horoscopes and all, but this was too scary not to share it with everybody. Describes me down perfectly. By the way...I'm a Pieces. Enjoy...

He is very emotional and always allows himself to be very emotional.
He can have a good night sleep and be in a good mood, and less than
few hours at work he can be very moody. He does not understand things
or try to understand things easily. If you notice him carefully, you
will notice what kind of mood he is in.

He is a thinker and able to do well at work and always succeed. His
normal gestures means he always look at other people faults, but he
will not talk about it. He has the ability to know your thoughts and
able to tell you what you are thinking about.

He can mostly memorize all his anger, his loves. They are his
important secrets and he will keep them to himself and will never let
you know. He is not a very ambitious man and careless about his
position in society. Wealth does not draw his attention, because he
is not a greedy man and as well he thinks money is not something that
will last. He could be very careless about his future. He does not
like to fight against all odds, but instead following the stream and
make life easier. Sometimes because he likes to take an easy path,
which cause him very unsteady future.

He is kind and slightly lazy, but it is his cute character. He hates
rules and regulations. He will never look down on people. He is a
polite guy and can be very aggressive when he is mad. He loves to
think that he lives in a beautiful world and surround by nice people,
so if he finds his world is cruel and not what he expects, he will
live in his world instead.

His other charm is that he is a funny guy, and it is his real weapon.
He can tease you and yet make it look like one of his jokes. Even
when he is sad, he still has that funny face, so you could hardly tell
if he is mad or depress. He likes to hide his feelings and help other
people especially those who need friends or are lonely.

He will be everything that you want and everything you do not want.
He has a chance to make it as much as a chance to fail. He can
determine to make it work and can do it well, except he tends to lose
his energy with other important things, that's how he misses many of
his good opportunities.

He can be happy and content by himself. What he thinks is important is
not "Love" ,but firm status and stability. He has plenty of love for

He is a good speaker, as much as he is a good listener. When he is
with you, he wants to be happy. He understand his partner's
emotions. He likes to take a long rest and sometimes be alone. If
he needs to be alone, try not to disturb him.

He is a sensitive, quiet , shy and easily hurt. He wants to feel
worthy. He can be mad and noisy, but once he calms down, he will be
that happy person again. He is not a jealous or possessive guy, and if
he feels jealous he will hide it. He has many friends of both sex,
and he cares about his friends. He likes to have lots of friends, so
you can not get jealous or else you will loose him. He likes
beautiful things, so if a pretty woman walks by he will look ,so do
not get mad at him knowing this fact.

When he is lonely or feeling sad, be close to comfort him. He does
not like to take advice, so if you want him to listen or to follow
your advice, you have to act as a good sample for him first. He likes
a cheery and a smart woman. If you treat him like he is your special
person, then he will be that special person for you. He will trust
you if he is in love, but try not to over doing it and spoil him too
much. You have to know yourself worth all the time too.


The Best Part of my New York Trip

This pic is old, but I went to New York a couple weeks ago. It was the worst trip I've ever been on since the D.C. Opera in 4th grade. This meal was the highlight of my day though. Don't even know the name of the spot...it was dope though

The Thought

I was at work the other day, and a older co worker and I started to have this real nice conversation about dreams and goals. I'm not too big with sharing personal business and all so for most of the conversation I was just trying to hint to where she was trying to go. Then she asked me for a moment to stop being guarded and tell her what my goals were.

So I told her my top three goals or whatever, and after telling her I explained to her how bad and how hard I'm going to work to get those. Then the conversation went on a turn.

She asked me if I was going to work hard on all of this, how was I going to be in love? I didn't discuss my love life with her, because I felt like I didn't know her well enough to let her in on all that. Then she said something that caught my attention. She told me this, "You're going to be alone even with you're with somebody because you have these dreams thats going to satisfy you more than she can. And when you reach those goals you're still going to be lonely because you gonna want to flirt with the possibility of being the best".

I didn't agree or disagree, and to this day I'm still wondering how I feel about it. I thought it was a dope read though. What you think?

Bape Oxford Button Down

The homie King Carter over at Real Mango Juice put me on. In his words, and I agree, these are CLASSIC!

Air Jordan 12 retro "Flu Game"

Got word of these around March when the homie DJ Rayvon sat in at a Brand Jordan sneaker showing at DTLR in richmond. They changed it up a bit from what Ray told me, but these will due.

The Game and His Asian Michael Jackson


The Color Purple

Seems like the purple thing really took off the past couple years with the release of some sneakers that were really wanted. After they all dropped (damn eggplant foams was the hype), I realized that purple amongst these new sneaker guys was the new black. I went to the mall with a friend last week, and all I saw was purple Tee's and eggplant. I'm not knocking anybody's style...but I refuse to fit in. So, peace the purple sneaks for a while.



These are set to be released in Feb. of next year. I wonder how much hype is going to be placed on these.





This past week end I started my intern over at the Washington D.C. chapter of Stussy. It was real cool, we had a huge sale, a Bar B Q, and Bike race. I got to meet some of the workers from Commonwealth, Stussy D.C., and For The Greater Good. I didn't think I would be cooking food for the whole block, but it's a intern, so I didn't mind. Here's a few pics

Shout outs to Ashley and Wyntel for stopping through and showing support. Appreciate it

Make sure yall check out theblockdc.com, cmonwealth.com, and stussy.com, and word to the homies dondaniel and King...check out realmangojuice.com for events and info throughout the summer.


It's kind of funny to me how things fall in place. When Rhymefest dropped his "Brand New" video years ago, me and a old friend use to laugh at the girl in the video saying 'BRAND NEW' all the time. Tonigt, I get a BBM that tells me to check out Bria Myles...and well...here she is

Check out the video as well




Music. It alone can influence a individual to do almost anything, but that isn't possible if the person behind the song isn't truthful about the product. Michael Jackson was and is the perfect example of an artists. His songs touched hearts, his performances sold out, and his movement never stopped moving. His persona of a child scared the media, but not those who understood what it feels like not to have a child hood. With that being said, people who didn't understand or picked at him stilled loved him.

Dear Michael

You will be truly missed. You had ours homes, our ears, and will forever have our hearts. No other artist will touch the music business the way you did. Your strength to go against the norm is what the world is missing today. Everybody is afraid of being the "wierdo" instead of a individual. It still hasn't set in that you're not here anymore. The songs and videos will carry on your excellent journey. From dancing infront of the world to sadly now dancing in the sky, may you rest in peace.

Peace and Love

Thanks for the memories homie!


I was bored at work today and came across these two books. I like challenges, and these indeed were right up the alley. After a frustrating attempt on the first page, I forgot about the kids in the room and went hard in completing these I Spy pages. I didn't finish, but I will tomorrow. Go cop one and see if you complete the whole book without dropping a four letter word.


Flyer says all the info. Hope to see you there


Clipse Ft. Kanye-Kinda Like A Big Deal Video

Clipse feat Kanye West - Kinda Like A Big Deal from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

Yes, I Know How to Tie My Shoes

Instead of sitting in traffic today, I decided to walk around in the mall and do some thinking and browsing. I stopped by my old job (footlocker...had to quit due to a dope opportunity) and some guy seemed pissed about something. His son was standing with him and his sneakers were untied. I happened to be next to him, but mine were untied too...extremely. Standing next to them, I had no choice but to pay attention to how much time this father was spending on making his son (who can't be more than 6) tie his shoe. Getting irritated, I walked away and heard this bama say,"you don't want to be his age and not know how to tie your shoe". Sir, I do know how to tie my shoes, they just feel better like this...


Great Basketball Movie Moments

Above the Rim

He Got Game

Coach Carter

Rebound: The Legend of Earl "The Goat" Manigault

I know there are others, but hey...it's my blog!!!

Billionaire Boys Club New Astronaut Polo

Concepts and Nike SB "Blue Lobster" Dunk

Concepts and Nike SB come together to drop the "Blue Lobster" Dunk. It should be releasing soon.

Lupe Fiasco-Shining Down

I apologize yall, but 1st and 15th took links down for the track, but make sure you search for the track. It's going to be on Lupe's 3rd album called "Lasers". Here's a video of Mr. Fiasco giving a sneak peak at a recent show


Rafer Alston aka Skip to my Lou

For those who don't know who he is...


NBA Finals Starts Tomorrow. Who You Got Your Money On?

Tomorrow night either Dwight Howard will put his name in with NBA greats or Kobe will quiet all those who doubted him about winning a ring without Shaq. Can't wait to see. Oh yea, I hope this happens again

Dopest Cartoons IMO



Ronin Warriors

Sailor Moon

Wale-Family Affair/Behind the Scenes

Behind the scene footage of Wale and Rik Cordero talking about "Family Affair" off the HIGHLY anticipated Back to the Future mixtape and the Inside a Change mixtape. Inside a Change is a film directed by Rik dropping soon about a troubled family consisting of a pimp, prostitute, and a child. Wale's song "Family Affair" paints that picture. The two just finished the video, look for it to drop soon.

Kanye "Spaceship" Video

Spaceship from kwest on Vimeo.

I wish this would of dropped


Bape to Launch US Website!

Bape will launch a website for the US pretty soon, and it will include a web store as well. I'll keep you posted.

Bibles Like Us

Lust for Life

I'm not one for the real sensitive type topics or whatever, but every once in a while I get the drive to try to push people I'm close to get out and actually do what they want to do. I was doing my daily blog rounds this morning, and my ipod was on shuffle. Now around this time of the day I'm usually real calm and my mind is free. When the music is playing, I'm listening to every instrument and word extremely heavily. So while the ipod picked the songs, Drakes Lust for Life emerged. Then I went into a deep thought and thought maybe I should do a post that can help or influence those around me or people I don't even know to get out and move forward.

Everything I'm about to say is in my opinion, but it has to be true if a guy like myself can go from here to a pretty good there.

In this twisted thing called life, people tend to look at the people that's successful and begin to think "I wish I lived like them." People also get so caught up in the word success and seeing success, they don't even act on their dreams and aspirations. It comes to the point to where the success is a daily day dream that becomes apart of the individual, and before they know it, they're almost 30 still talking about what they wanted to do when they were 20.

Success is and always will be in the hands of the person that really seeks it. There is no person in the world that can take dreams and goals away from somebody. So, as a friend and a person who wants to see everyone living the good life, even those I don't speak to, I want you all to get out there a do you. Don't think about failure or quick results. Those two are main reasons why people don't get to where they want to go.

To help out, here are a few rules I live by that helps me out everday

1. Work when you're alive, rest when you're dead
2. Have tunnel vision
3. Stay surrounded with positive people
4. Study the greats in your feild and try to do what they did but better
5. Network as much as possible
6. Travel to attend certain events that could be helpful
7. Never...NEver...NEVer...NEVEr...NEVER force the issue
8. Remain humble
9. Do all the shit you have and don't want to do
10. Pray

All of these steps helped me along my way, and I they can do the same for yall. If it's out there, it's attainable. With #10, for you religious folk, I was once told that a prayer is answered as soon as it is said. It's up to you to meet God, Allah, or who ever you worship halfway.

I know this is a bit unorganized, but I just wanted to do something positive

Peace n Love

Couple of Summer Pick ups for you "Sneaker Heads"

True Blues drop in August, and Uptempos drop in July


Sky High

The summer is here, or just about. I don't know about you guys, but for me, the summer is when I get most of my grind out. I got a couple plans and goals set this summer, and I hope you all have some lined up as well. So, to all my fellow bloggers and slams, get out and go sky high. For some reason, I just had a huge motivational push today.


The Block Lock Down


Wale NYC Show

There's a list of things I plan on doing before death, and catching a Wale NYC show is one of them. Young Chris, Kid Cudi, and Joell Ortiz showed up this time. You know his last show in NYC was wild too. Here's a clip of the show last night via elitaste.


Stop Effin With Him!!!

Son is too real. Gave em' 40 easy. I just told yall that LeBron winning MVP was going to emerge a animal, and Artest talking about Brandon Roy being the best player he's guarded was a got damn mistake. Kobe F**king Bryant FTW!!!
Ray at rbj, I'm glad we ain't bet anything son.

F*ck You Mean

Being from the DMV FTMFW!!!!



Congrats To Lebron, but I Got the Feeling KB8 is About to Emerge

Congrats to LeBron James on winning this years MVP in the NBA. He is by far the most dominate player in the game, I can say that being that I recognize and give props to players who deserve it. I hope LeBron has more to come. With all that being said, that was exactly the fuel Kobe was looking for to start cooking shit. I know they took a L tonight, but I got the feeling Kobe is about to be on some OG KB8 shit...I'M JUST SAYIN!!!!!

I'M JUST BEING ME...ICE!!!!!!!!!!!

Though I hate the word, this thing called swag can take you a long way. A little bit of hype can too.

Oh yea, the nigga Head Ice is actually dope. Look him up


Part 2s

Since Maybach Music II dropped, I took some time sit back and think about some of my favorite songs, and maybe you all's, that I would like to see have a sequel. So here goes my list along with some themes.

Grammy Family
*Kanye and Cons did a great job, but with Common proving his growth as a artist, a second go would be extremely dope

Full Effect
*Many might not remember this track from Freeway and Young Gunz off Free's first album, but with Young Chris hitting the scene hard and Beans out, maybe a second effort can emerge that gutta Philly shit we all loved and still have love for

The Cool
*This one is a bit far being that Lupe Fiasco already had The Coolest and a album titled "the Cool", but I would like to Michael brought back from the dead again and confront the Streets and the Game. No chorus (well maybe, the chorus is actually dope), but all out story telling. Shit would be too ill. Don't you agree? The song would have to be 10mins long, and being on repeat 6 times would be the dopest hour.

A Milli
*Yes, this song has been remixed numerous times, but I would like to hear the beat chopped a little and see Wayne attack it on some super duper lyrical ish.

One Love
*The imagery in this song was so ill, I got OD excited when I saw the Shorty Doo Wop scene in Belly. I could really see Jerome's niece getting shot in the dome piece while walking from the beach. I think Nas should knock out another one being that the times are a lot more crazier now. Perhaps a older Shorty Doo Wop??

I'm Not You
*The Clipse along with Jada, Styles, and Rosco P. Coldchain was one of the first tracks that seperated rappers. Each verse, besides Coldchain's, sort of delivered a different message as to what type of rapper each person was. I think since the Clipse is pretty much respected by everyone in the game, a sequel with each type of artist in hip hop now would be dope. I know I'm pushing it, but I would like to see Wale, Lupe, and Jadakiss again on the track.

Da Rockwilder
*I love this song, I want the same beat, just a new and more raw Red and Meth...pause

Artistic Integrity
*Rumored to happen, but I would like to see Wale prove critics wrong with pure thought and talent. I know he won't let me or the DMV down

I know there are a lot more songs that I could have listed, but these songs have been on my sequel list for a while. If you have any, please comment.

The Fake Jordan Swindle

Came across this today. I know there are people out there who can't afford the real thing, but I still have a HUGE ammount of dislike for anything not authentic. There's a couple real jams in here, but just take a look at the rest...smh.


Cody Harris

Cody Harris is a 21-year old out of Jamestown, California. He's responsible for some sneakers that are in demand, but won't drop due to them being photo shopped. His vision for some of these sneakers are OD. Nike needs to put him on ftw!!!

We got the eggplant foams already (I would love to have the white Nike check on mine), and the Columbia's are rumored to be releasing in May. Pearl 1/2 Cents would be slam.