Noisey Neighbor...Peace and Much Love to Ya!!!

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I'm sad to say that this is my last post under Noisey Neighbor. In the past couple months I have been tackling myself to bring forth a new site that allows me to be free with everything that I want to do. Blogging here has been extremely fun, but I can't really set out and display my creativity like I want to. There fore, I am leaving this site and starting all over. My new site, which will be up shortly, will be heavily influenced by art, music, new emerging cultures, fashion, sports, and life.

I feel like this is what it's all about you know? Going out and starting off fresh. For all those that follow the blog, I promise to bring you something 1000x better. There will be less opinion stated posts and more open minded links to stuff out there that we all enjoy. The site will be managed by me and ran by you.

I can remember sitting on my Moms couch during the fall and starting the site. I had this huge vision of a site that everyone will love and have on their blog roll, lol. I think I was just so excited to start a blog that I didn't think about bringing out my creative side and expressing myself or those I represent in a proper manor. A lot of the stuff posted were forced and not well thought about. I don't regret anything I ever posted, but there were tons of stuff that were posted just so I could have a post. The new site will not ran that way.

I know you're probably thinking I'm taking this blog thing to serious, but being from the part of VA that I'n from, no one is really open minded to new things out there, because no one is there to bring the information. That was my intentions when I first started this blog, and I will thoroughly carry that same tradition onto the new one. Hopefully I can influence people outside of VA or the DMV area, and get views from people outside of the area.

I would like to thank everyone who kept up with the site and those that didn't. Much love to Ray over at rbj-mag.com. Dizzy. Ravi, Adrian, Dan, and the rest of the realmangojuice.com staff I got to know pretty well. Much Much Much love to Samantha. The homie Jerome B3. My brother Ferg. Yung Cuppa for always viewing the blog and spreading the word. My sisters for always saying it was "cute"...lol. Basicly I want to thank everybody who influenced me to go out and explore shit for the new site. You all opened my eyes to new ideas.

I'm not too good with goodbye's and all, so this is my last words on this site........

Peace and Love...New Site Coming soon!!!!


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