A Letter to the Kid

Dear Yah Yah,
I don't believe in doing stuff like this, but since you don't like answering the phone, I felt like it was needed.
It's been forever since we were in the front of the house talking about how we were going to be Professional basketball players. Shooting on our crooked rim, or sneaking to play on someone else's because ours was too bent. I will admit it's hard for me to watch you play because of two reasons;1) I wish I was in the position you're in, and 2) I'm still in shock that you have gained the success that we worked so hard for. When the asian dude dunked on you when you were in 8th grade, I didn't hype it to make you look bad, I hyped it so it will never happen again. That also ties in to all the yelling and scolding I did. I only did all of that to make you better. I'm glad to see it worked.

Watching you and your team mates lose the other night was hard for me, but I was somewhat glad. Now you know what you have to do to get back to the same spot. It won't be easy Kid, but I know you can do it. Like I always told you, God doesn't give anyone more talent or success than anyone else. It all boils down to hard work and dedication. I want you to look at next year as a challenge and do everything in your power to get back to the level of success you reached this year. Set goals for yourself. Tell yourself ACC rookie of the year wasn't good enough. Don't settle for that, aim for more.

At the end of next year, I want to see the emotions like the ones in the pictures above.

Like I always tell you. You're not a basketball player anymore, you're a business. It's time to take care it.

Love you Slams


OG's to Old Sneakers

Brand Jordan is releasing retroes of OG's that most 'sneaker heads' are dying to get their hands on. IMO, these will be the two that will fall under a gang of hype. Hope you get your pair(s).

Yo...What's up B, How you Feelin, What's Going on, Let's Bounce Son

This is funny to me. I swear this was at least every body's crew when they were younger. Espescially the white kid who wanted to fit in. Homie ji like went in on the freestyle slam too...

Are You Still Going to Wear Your Nationals Fitted?

Last week, I was in the room checking my daily blogs, and the homie Cup(his highly anticipated blog is on the way) came through to holla at me about something. He just came back from walgreens, and he asked if I wanted to see something funny. He picked up my red nationals fitted(I love it) and put it next to his walgreens plastic bag. I never noticed how similar the logos were. Right away I researched if owners of Walgreens owned the Washington Nationals. I didn't find any strings attached, so the fact that it almost looks like Walgreens has a $31.99 look-a-like fitted going around the DMV kind of bugged me out. Then I came to the conclusion that I'm still going to wear mine. Walgreens or not. Are you?


I Apologize

There is a huge rivalry between Duke and UNC. Since 9th grade all of my friends have been riding for UNC, and I been vouching for Duke. I'm a big supporter of good structured basketball and both programs are very structured. If you were to ask me who I want to win between the two when they play, I'm going to say Duke. Buy if I'm in my room, and North Carolina is playing...I WANT THEM TO WIN!!!! Tywan Lawson is a problem, Wayne Ellington and Danny Green kills, and Ed Davis is a monster on defense. I refuse to vouch for Hansbrough (if thats how you spell his name). So YES, I am a North Carolina fan. Sorry to all my Duke fans and supporters, UNC just plays great basketball. I know I'm going to catch some heat for this, but like Peedi Crakk said..."Oh Well"

And look how Danny Green gets down before games


Please Support

The Homie Wale released the title of his album. He also let us know that the 9th Wonder mixtape will be dropping on April 29th. So stay posted and follow hypebeast.com/blog/wale/ for more info.



Amongst the nasty booty bounce, and the girls good dookie pattern print on her jeans (the big one), the best part of this video is the girl's red socks and baby doll shoes.

also...when good is used on here. It means good as being bad, not good as being good.


I Knew it was Going to Come Down to This

I had a feeling Brand Jordan was going to be influenced by all the knock offs sooner or later. These 7s are suppose to be apart of a pack where Jordan dropped 60 or more on a team. 60 or 100, as a fan, I only want to see OG or retro 01-06 colorways of Jordans. It might be a good look for the company since so many people are feeding into the whole knock off thing. I guess Black Cat feels like if they want stupid colors, I'm going to give it to them. I honestly think this retro is ftl.
Oh well, on to brighter news...these will be dropping soon

Ladies and Gentlemen...Dj Rayvon

Dj Rayvon is a Dj (duh) out of Virginia Beach. He resides is Richmond, VA where he runs Parcore Productions along with his close friends from school. Recently he has DJed and hosted concerts for N.E.R.D., Mad Skillz, Ghostface, Wale, T.I., and a couple others. Rayvon's talent and outside the box thinking sets him apart from a lot of other DJ's. While he's behind the turn tables, his aim is to create a force through music that moves and unites the people. Sometimes you'll hear your favorite song, sometimes you won't, but I almost promis that you will partake in the movement that he brings.

You can catch him every Thursday in Richmond's Cotton Club.

Dope Lyrics are Automatic, but so is This

Lyrics that are dope are always remembered by us. It's like our minds our set to keep the rhymes that made us be like, "YO SON, STOP THE TRACK. DID YOU HEAR WHAT DUDE JUST SAID?!" Then we get the lyrics that just makes you want to turn the song off completely. Check this out though...out of all the wack lyrics, is this the verse of wack lyrics we all love to repeat??


Wale was Right

I was getting my daily dose of music this afternoon, and I popped in Wale's 100 Miles and Running. On one of the tracks, Wale said something about people asking how to get a song on the radio, and his answer was to make a song with a dance that absolutely makes you look like a fool.

I remember my homie talking about this 'Swag Surfin' song he saw. I never surfed, but I highly dislike the word swag. I did some research, and this song has all the clubs down south going wild. A friend of mine is down in Atlanta, and she said the radio is playing the hell out of this song. Wale made a valid point. Here it is!!

If I Was a Kid, This Would Make it to Show n' Tell

My friend Toresha copped this for me on my birthday. Definitely made it a slam!!!!

For All the Kanye Fans

Here are some of Kanye's sneakers being released this year. No official date on any of these yet. The Yeezy's are to be released real soon though. Keep a eye out for the Louie's.


The Hundreds Koopa Back Pack

New 'Koopa Back Pack' from the Hundreds.

I know this is my second post on back packs, but BBC and The Hundreds dropped some ill ass designs.