This past week end I started my intern over at the Washington D.C. chapter of Stussy. It was real cool, we had a huge sale, a Bar B Q, and Bike race. I got to meet some of the workers from Commonwealth, Stussy D.C., and For The Greater Good. I didn't think I would be cooking food for the whole block, but it's a intern, so I didn't mind. Here's a few pics

Shout outs to Ashley and Wyntel for stopping through and showing support. Appreciate it

Make sure yall check out theblockdc.com, cmonwealth.com, and stussy.com, and word to the homies dondaniel and King...check out realmangojuice.com for events and info throughout the summer.


It's kind of funny to me how things fall in place. When Rhymefest dropped his "Brand New" video years ago, me and a old friend use to laugh at the girl in the video saying 'BRAND NEW' all the time. Tonigt, I get a BBM that tells me to check out Bria Myles...and well...here she is

Check out the video as well




Music. It alone can influence a individual to do almost anything, but that isn't possible if the person behind the song isn't truthful about the product. Michael Jackson was and is the perfect example of an artists. His songs touched hearts, his performances sold out, and his movement never stopped moving. His persona of a child scared the media, but not those who understood what it feels like not to have a child hood. With that being said, people who didn't understand or picked at him stilled loved him.

Dear Michael

You will be truly missed. You had ours homes, our ears, and will forever have our hearts. No other artist will touch the music business the way you did. Your strength to go against the norm is what the world is missing today. Everybody is afraid of being the "wierdo" instead of a individual. It still hasn't set in that you're not here anymore. The songs and videos will carry on your excellent journey. From dancing infront of the world to sadly now dancing in the sky, may you rest in peace.

Peace and Love

Thanks for the memories homie!


I was bored at work today and came across these two books. I like challenges, and these indeed were right up the alley. After a frustrating attempt on the first page, I forgot about the kids in the room and went hard in completing these I Spy pages. I didn't finish, but I will tomorrow. Go cop one and see if you complete the whole book without dropping a four letter word.


Flyer says all the info. Hope to see you there


Clipse Ft. Kanye-Kinda Like A Big Deal Video

Clipse feat Kanye West - Kinda Like A Big Deal from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

Yes, I Know How to Tie My Shoes

Instead of sitting in traffic today, I decided to walk around in the mall and do some thinking and browsing. I stopped by my old job (footlocker...had to quit due to a dope opportunity) and some guy seemed pissed about something. His son was standing with him and his sneakers were untied. I happened to be next to him, but mine were untied too...extremely. Standing next to them, I had no choice but to pay attention to how much time this father was spending on making his son (who can't be more than 6) tie his shoe. Getting irritated, I walked away and heard this bama say,"you don't want to be his age and not know how to tie your shoe". Sir, I do know how to tie my shoes, they just feel better like this...


Great Basketball Movie Moments

Above the Rim

He Got Game

Coach Carter

Rebound: The Legend of Earl "The Goat" Manigault

I know there are others, but hey...it's my blog!!!

Billionaire Boys Club New Astronaut Polo

Concepts and Nike SB "Blue Lobster" Dunk

Concepts and Nike SB come together to drop the "Blue Lobster" Dunk. It should be releasing soon.

Lupe Fiasco-Shining Down

I apologize yall, but 1st and 15th took links down for the track, but make sure you search for the track. It's going to be on Lupe's 3rd album called "Lasers". Here's a video of Mr. Fiasco giving a sneak peak at a recent show


Rafer Alston aka Skip to my Lou

For those who don't know who he is...


NBA Finals Starts Tomorrow. Who You Got Your Money On?

Tomorrow night either Dwight Howard will put his name in with NBA greats or Kobe will quiet all those who doubted him about winning a ring without Shaq. Can't wait to see. Oh yea, I hope this happens again

Dopest Cartoons IMO



Ronin Warriors

Sailor Moon

Wale-Family Affair/Behind the Scenes

Behind the scene footage of Wale and Rik Cordero talking about "Family Affair" off the HIGHLY anticipated Back to the Future mixtape and the Inside a Change mixtape. Inside a Change is a film directed by Rik dropping soon about a troubled family consisting of a pimp, prostitute, and a child. Wale's song "Family Affair" paints that picture. The two just finished the video, look for it to drop soon.

Kanye "Spaceship" Video

Spaceship from kwest on Vimeo.

I wish this would of dropped