Bape to Launch US Website!

Bape will launch a website for the US pretty soon, and it will include a web store as well. I'll keep you posted.

Bibles Like Us

Lust for Life

I'm not one for the real sensitive type topics or whatever, but every once in a while I get the drive to try to push people I'm close to get out and actually do what they want to do. I was doing my daily blog rounds this morning, and my ipod was on shuffle. Now around this time of the day I'm usually real calm and my mind is free. When the music is playing, I'm listening to every instrument and word extremely heavily. So while the ipod picked the songs, Drakes Lust for Life emerged. Then I went into a deep thought and thought maybe I should do a post that can help or influence those around me or people I don't even know to get out and move forward.

Everything I'm about to say is in my opinion, but it has to be true if a guy like myself can go from here to a pretty good there.

In this twisted thing called life, people tend to look at the people that's successful and begin to think "I wish I lived like them." People also get so caught up in the word success and seeing success, they don't even act on their dreams and aspirations. It comes to the point to where the success is a daily day dream that becomes apart of the individual, and before they know it, they're almost 30 still talking about what they wanted to do when they were 20.

Success is and always will be in the hands of the person that really seeks it. There is no person in the world that can take dreams and goals away from somebody. So, as a friend and a person who wants to see everyone living the good life, even those I don't speak to, I want you all to get out there a do you. Don't think about failure or quick results. Those two are main reasons why people don't get to where they want to go.

To help out, here are a few rules I live by that helps me out everday

1. Work when you're alive, rest when you're dead
2. Have tunnel vision
3. Stay surrounded with positive people
4. Study the greats in your feild and try to do what they did but better
5. Network as much as possible
6. Travel to attend certain events that could be helpful
7. Never...NEver...NEVer...NEVEr...NEVER force the issue
8. Remain humble
9. Do all the shit you have and don't want to do
10. Pray

All of these steps helped me along my way, and I they can do the same for yall. If it's out there, it's attainable. With #10, for you religious folk, I was once told that a prayer is answered as soon as it is said. It's up to you to meet God, Allah, or who ever you worship halfway.

I know this is a bit unorganized, but I just wanted to do something positive

Peace n Love

Couple of Summer Pick ups for you "Sneaker Heads"

True Blues drop in August, and Uptempos drop in July


Sky High

The summer is here, or just about. I don't know about you guys, but for me, the summer is when I get most of my grind out. I got a couple plans and goals set this summer, and I hope you all have some lined up as well. So, to all my fellow bloggers and slams, get out and go sky high. For some reason, I just had a huge motivational push today.


The Block Lock Down


Wale NYC Show

There's a list of things I plan on doing before death, and catching a Wale NYC show is one of them. Young Chris, Kid Cudi, and Joell Ortiz showed up this time. You know his last show in NYC was wild too. Here's a clip of the show last night via elitaste.


Stop Effin With Him!!!

Son is too real. Gave em' 40 easy. I just told yall that LeBron winning MVP was going to emerge a animal, and Artest talking about Brandon Roy being the best player he's guarded was a got damn mistake. Kobe F**king Bryant FTW!!!
Ray at rbj, I'm glad we ain't bet anything son.

F*ck You Mean

Being from the DMV FTMFW!!!!



Congrats To Lebron, but I Got the Feeling KB8 is About to Emerge

Congrats to LeBron James on winning this years MVP in the NBA. He is by far the most dominate player in the game, I can say that being that I recognize and give props to players who deserve it. I hope LeBron has more to come. With all that being said, that was exactly the fuel Kobe was looking for to start cooking shit. I know they took a L tonight, but I got the feeling Kobe is about to be on some OG KB8 shit...I'M JUST SAYIN!!!!!

I'M JUST BEING ME...ICE!!!!!!!!!!!

Though I hate the word, this thing called swag can take you a long way. A little bit of hype can too.

Oh yea, the nigga Head Ice is actually dope. Look him up