Kid Cudi and the Slammerific Day n' Nite Video

Day 'n' Nite - Kid Cudi from DP on Vimeo.

G.O.O.D. Music is killing artist in the video game right now.


This is Too Dope

New Billionaire Boys Club Rucksack. Season 8 "Dollars and Diamonds". Only 4 available

Welcome to Heartbreak

Video is extremely dope. Reminds me of 3D books and Hot or Cold.

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

The Fit, Rant, Fuss, or Whatever....

Um...I guess I can't control my facial expressions when I see or hear stuff that bothers me. If you ask me what is wrong, I'm probably going to say nothing just because you might be the person that I'm thinking about at the time (or while I'm writing this right now). So now on to the things that I need to get off my chest.

STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW MANY SNEAKERS YOU HAVE!!! PLEASE. Yea, the collecting thing is really heavy now, but no one really cares about that. If you dropped 500 on a pair, own 500 pair, sold 500 pair...people really don't care anymore. I'm pretty sure that people who are into the sneaker shit don't want to hear about sneakers all the time. Also, to those who are just getting into the whole sneaker thing...stop being the hype. Everytime you see some heat, sweating dude or whatever isn't the cool way of going about it. Unbuckle that belt and stop cock riding.

If I'm in my room watching a really good basketball game, and someone goes off for 30pts or more...I DON'T WANT TO GO TO THE GYM THE NEXT DAY AND SEE ANYBODY DOING THEIR BEST IMPERSONATION. Know your role, set me a screen, and either role to the basket or get your sorry ass under the basket ready to rebound incase I miss the jump shot. Also, wearing your favorite basketball's player shoes doesn't make you you're favorite basketball player.

CHEW GUM PLEASE!!! I feel bad for saying this, but I'm tired of turning my head or developing a technique to talk to you because you off your bama shit with that nasty breathe. You're too old

Walking stiff so won't crease your sneakers is dumb and it makes you look extremely stupid. Either don't wear em, double up on pairs, or ball them toes up.

I agree with my homie Ferg (markmyuse.blogspot.com). Don't try to hold a conversation with me if I'm listening to my ipod. Obviously I either don't want to be bothered or I'm vibing with my sounds. Give a dap and bounce

Ladies...if you're the type that likes to get it poppin, can you please stop acting like you don't. You're only making yourself look more and more...well...poppin. And if you're a female that semi gets it poppin...WE ALL KNOW YOU DID IT YUNGIN!!


I know all of these are random, but they have been surrounding me lately. I had to vent

OOOh, one more. I'm not a go hard type dude, and I'm sure no one that goes to a really good university is...so why are you talking about how you're going to knock this nigga out, or this, that, and the third. Niggas always want to talk about how bad they going to drop a nigga. There's nothing wrong with being confident. I'm sure every one has had a conversation on predictions of a fight that might occur with themselves or someone else. So I can vouch for that, but I don't want to hear about how great your hands are and we're talking about something else. If you get into a fight after doing all that talking and you lose. YOU WILL MAKE THE BLOG!!!



Melo and Now AI

The homie Allen Iverson chopped the wig. I guess son said he was too old for the braids or whatever. When I seen the cut, the only thing that came to mind was the 1996 and 1997 season.


Release of the Air Jordan 2009

Every All-Star week end, brand Jordan drops thier new sneaker for the year. He's no longer going with the number series but I'll vouch for these.
Also, check out the player exclusives for the game on sunday and the new commercial.

Spazzin Onstage with N.E.R.D.

I went to see N.E.R.D. a couple weeks ago when the came to perform at my school. I actually won floor seats, but being that my school really doesn't guarantee anything, I ended up sitting in the wackest part of the venue. Then, everything went from bad to great.

N.E.R.D. let the crowd know they were onstage by stringing the guitars to "Anti Matter". The crowd went cray, and everyone who were seated in wack sections like myself decided to run to the floor and completely ignore the security. I noticed what was going on, grabbed my girl, told her to hold on, and ran down to the floor as well. I made my way to the front, but the police were telling people to go back to their seats. I WASN'T GOING BACK TO THEM WACK ASS SEATS!!!

Me and Wifey were at the front and this lady asked us where our tickets or pink wristbands were(a pink wristband was needed for those who were special guests). I told her we didn't have either and that we came with the Dj(it was a lie but wasn't because the Dj of the event is the Dj of Parcore Productions and I'm a promoter for the company, so...). Security let me through, and we were sidestage of the whole event. Then I notice Fam Lay calling people to the stage, and it lead to this right here...

I'm in the far left with the red Nationals fitted and flannel.
Shout outs to my fellow Parcore family who rocked out onstage as well...Ferg (markmyuse.blogspot.com), Dj Rayvon, RJ, and the homie DK(dk-va.tumblr.com)


And When I Thought it Couldn't Get Better Than Notorious B.U.M.

Let me first state that I don't vouch for picking at the homeless and all that, but this is too good!!!!

If anyone has seen the Notorious B.U.M., tell him to show son how to,"THROW MY MONEY ON THE FLO!!!"